I’m Sure That Was One Hot Immaculate Conception

Artist, Kate Kretz, has unveiled a painting portraying Angelina Jolie as the Virgin Mary and her brood of children as her cherubs . The painting, which deals with the issue of celebrity worship is to be displayed at the Art Miami Fair from Jan. 5th – 8th. The Sun Online reports:

The title, Blessed Art Thou, is taken from a line in the Catholic prayer Hail Mary. The artist, KATE KRETZ, says Angelina was chosen as the subject because of her unavoidable presence in the media, the world-wide anticipation of her child, her “unattainable” beauty and the good that she is doing in the world.

And, of course, Mr. Rent-A-Personality (er, Brad Pitt) doesn’t seem to factor into this religious metaphor quite so easily. Also, who would have thought Mary had such a great rack? Maybe if I read the Bible more, I would have known…

The full painting is after the jump.

Angelina as the Virgin Mary [The Sun Online]

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