I’m Sure That Was One Hot Immaculate Conception

January 3rd, 2007 // 12 Comments

Artist, Kate Kretz, has unveiled a painting portraying Angelina Jolie as the Virgin Mary and her brood of children as her cherubs . The painting, which deals with the issue of celebrity worship is to be displayed at the Art Miami Fair from Jan. 5th – 8th. The Sun Online reports:

The title, Blessed Art Thou, is taken from a line in the Catholic prayer Hail Mary. The artist, KATE KRETZ, says Angelina was chosen as the subject because of her unavoidable presence in the media, the world-wide anticipation of her child, her “unattainable” beauty and the good that she is doing in the world.

And, of course, Mr. Rent-A-Personality (er, Brad Pitt) doesn’t seem to factor into this religious metaphor quite so easily. Also, who would have thought Mary had such a great rack? Maybe if I read the Bible more, I would have known…

The full painting is after the jump.

Angelina as the Virgin Mary [The Sun Online]

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(Image source)

By Lisa Timmons

  1. anon

    lisa you are a bitch, if you don’t like Brad why do you constantly put up stories about him?

    and by the way
    And, of course, Mr. Rent-A-Personality (er, Brad Pitt) doesn’t seem to factor into this religious metaphor quite so easily

    He just fathered th child that’s all.. God you need to get laid,

  2. uh, Anon…you need to go back on the meds…

    Did you miss the “Virgin” part there…follow me here….virgin, hence no sperm donor, hence no Pitt.

    Angry little thing arn’t ya?

    These two people could drop off the face of the earth and we would all be better for it.

  3. misanthrope

    crappy art.

  4. jannre

    What a trashy piece of so called art! Especially the ho in the middle…angelic….right

  5. Pope Pius XII

    FYI, the Virgin Birth and the Immaculate Conception are two completely different things. Look it up, bitches.

  6. Phil

    What an utterly ridiculous piece of kitch.

  7. Hey There Pope WhoGivesACrap’us…

    Nobody mentioned Immaculate Conception, nor does anyone really care.

    Please..don’t talk until you have something worth saying.


  8. julie

    well you know angelina is “hott” right now, although her fame is fading , but anyways, this artist did this to get more fame and attention, i mean who the hell knew who she was before this? she is mocking what most of the people think, which i appauld because she is showing how ridiculous and stupid this world is, the end of the world is more closer than ever but dont worry angelina jolie is still going to hell..especially after this painting ,JESUS does not like his mom mocked..

  9. julie

    you guys will be glad to know angelina jolie as well as paris hilton, george bush, britney spears was named one of the worst celebrity role models for 2006, which was on a joint poll between Associated Press and AOL ,obviously not everyone thinks good of angelina, she looks like a walking skeleton and she has NO BOOBS, what rack is this idiot talking about?she looks like a troll, she used to have boobs but they were no where near as big as they are made out to be, angelina even said she wore padding for lara croft tomb raider and she admitted to having plastic surgery, she is not perfect, but people are just too blind to see it

  10. matt

    seriously people hate angelina soo much but it’s not like she went out in public without undies unlike britney spears and she is not snorting cocaine unlike kate moss

  11. I"ll Say

    Angelina and “Virgin Mary” PLEASEEEEEE.Whatz the world coming to ? Either the artist is obsessed with Jolie or she does not have a clue as to who “Virgin Mary” is.And I cant understand why she is such a big deal.A lot of celebrities have adopted children , a lot of them also do charity work…oh its another thing that they don’t make sure that they have a ‘colorful family’ and their good deeds get maximum publicity.What a fake !

  12. Ang

    Yes the painting is tacty. However, if you look at the scene below Angie and the the children, you would notice the people are all white, American, and worship “star” power..the images are related to American world domination, McDonald’s, Coke, and stars who actually believe the american media spin that they are above humanity. Ironically, Jolie’s personal history would prevent her from adopting from America therefore adding to her over exposure.

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