I’m So Happy For The Olsen Twins

Things are great.  The real estate market is on the up and up, which means only good things for those with millions to burn. 

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, now 23, bought their five-bedroom West Village condo in Manhattan for $7.3 million in 2005.  The twinsifers never used it, instead opting to go their separate ways.  I totally understand.  A five-bedroom condo in Manhattan is not nearly big enough for two women weighing a collective 98 pounds.  Being rich is so hard!

Well, good news.  The condo’s value has appreciated since the purchase, and some hedge fund tycoon bought it for $8.45 million, according to the Montreal Gazette.  Hark, who do we see but two tiny Olsens emerging into daylight on Wednesday!  Here’s hoping for a successful inspection. Fingers crossed.

Mary-Kate stars in Beastly, a modern-day take on Beauty On The Beast, in theaters July.