I’m Old School…Sign Me Up For Robert Downey Jr.

You haven’t made it in Hollywood if you have had a least two stints in rehab. Neighborhoodies answers the call of the void left for supporting your favorite “Rehab Allstar.” Britney, Lindsay, Mary Kate all join the ranks of Robert Downey Jr., Courtney Love and Nikki Sixx in colorful tops that salute the rehabbers.

The celebs-with-addictions are just part of the concept t-shirts that also let you be creative. The site offers options that let you fill in the blanks. The team of smooth operators, who also go by codenames that range from Hoenniker Jones to Mr. Belvedere, have planted a business seed that has blossomed into beautiful money making plant that boasts clever snark. With a top that is emblazoned with a picture of my favorite woodland creature entitled “The Mighty, Majestic Beaver,” how could you go wrong?

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