I’m So Sick Of Taylor Swift!

Really Rihanna?
Rihanna And Chris Brown, Together Once Again
Taylor Swift is beautiful, talented, cute, bubbly and popular. Even though people say no one is perfect, Taylor Swift is pretty damn close to it. She is the Miss America of the music world. So, naturally with my rebellious nature, I cant stand her.

In this day and age, I have completely decided on one principle concerning music, in order to be successful you must master the art of making a song catchy. In this sense, Swift is a f***ing genius. I would sooner declare her a business woman, as oppose to a musician. Yes, she can play the guitar and sing well, but aren’t these what artists are suppose to do? I guess with all of the lip syncing and auto tune becoming more popular we tend to forget that “small” detail. 

Which makes me baffled as to how Taylor Swift walked away last night, at the MTV EMA, with Best Female, Best Live and Best Look awards. This speaks volumes about our generation. We have become completely superficial. I’ve heard Swift be compared to rock legends such as Stevie Nicks, which makes me question some people sanity. One of the main thing that irks me is the dopey, lovey-dovey lyrics. I’m tired of hearing about her teardrops on my guitar and we are never ever getting back together songs. Isn’t there some other topic–ANY OTHER topic-you could write songs about?

Then again, we must never underestimate the power of politics and popularity. And Ms. Swift is our homecoming queen. She is the perfect example of consumer candy, we eat it up because it looks good.