I’m Smitten-Kitten: Andrew Garfield Is An Amazing Dancer [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

Garfield And Stone
The couple promotes 'The Amazing Spider-Man'
I don’t know about you guys, but I find Andrew Garfield to be adorable.  Whether it’s the British accent or the beard, he’s just too cute.

The Amazing Spider-Man star appeared on Ellen (airing today), where he performed a number of dances (sans music, because Tony the DJ was “on break”) to raise money for the Worldwide Orphans Foundation (with generous donations from Shutterfly).

“You are an excellent dancer from what I’ve…researched,” DeGeneres told Garfield.

“You want me to humiliate myself?” Garfield joked. 

“I want you to teach children to be free,” DeGeneres clarified.

Oh man.  The boy makes me laugh.  I think the Pee-Wee Herman dance might have been my favorite.

Garfield raised $10,000!  And The Amazing Spider-Man is out today on DVD! Hurrah!