I’m Not In Love With Your Outfit, Pippa Middleton [PHOTOS]

Kate & Pippa In Wales
The sisters walk the beach in Anglesey
24 Pics Of Pippa Middleton
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge's younger sister.
Pippa Middleton In McQueen
Millions watched the famous rear on April 29th.
Pippa Middleton attended a party to celebrate the best of W&W Jewelry tonight (November 26th) at Bart’s in London.  Truth: I wasn’t 100% digging her ensemble.

Yes, the look was a nod to the last days of autumn, but it was a bit too “Pilgrim Chic” for me.  And call me crazy, but I can’t stand it when the color of the heels is lighter than the color of the tights.

Middleton attended the private party with friend and public relations gal Katie Readman, whose worked for Issa London and Beulah London.

Made In Chelsea’s Spencer Matthews, who runs in the same circle as Middleton, told us about his brother’s reported relationship with HRH’s younger sister: 

You know, my brother is an extremely private guy and he just despises any mention of his name in any press.  He is the opposite of me, although we’re quite good friends.  However, what you read in the Daily Mail isn’t too far from the truth.

I know they’ve always been very close friends – well, they’ve had a close friendship for awhile and it seems that there might be something more there, but I don’t know.  As I said, my brother doesn’t tell me anything.  I’m the last one he keeps informed on that.

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