If You Missed The Scarlett Johansson Golden Globes Grope

January 19th, 2006 // 28 Comments

I felt bad for Scarlett. How emabarrassing. This was probably the first time in Scarlett’s life in which she could relate to Lil’ Kim (Diana Ross fondled her boob at the VMA’s a few years ago). The actress went bright red after TV reporter Isaac Mizrahi fondled her left boob as she was interviewed before the Golden Globe Awards on Monday. Isaac Mizrahi cupped the star’s breast in one hand and said: “It’s built in, I just wanna feel it – oh, I just love that.”

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. moss

    Oh my goodness, don’t feel SORRY for her! Publicity , baby!

  2. Cheesy

    Well, she doesn’t look that out-out by it…

  3. em

    Haha, hell yeah, that’s ALL publicity! That’s what this girl is all about! She needs to thank her boobs the next time she wins an award, cos she wouldn’t be famous if it wasn’t for her rack!

  4. beanie

    who is Issac Mizrahi??? y does he think he can touch peoples boobs?

  5. mememe

    Isaac Mizrahi is a fashion designer. He can touch people’s boobs because he is gay.

  6. QueenB

    I saw that and completely laughed out loud. It was obvious, Isaac meant no disrespect or harm he was just having a little fun and like mememe said..he can do that.

  7. nicole

    I loved him! He brought some excitement to the red carpet for the first time & he said all the shit you wish you could say.

  8. Girly Girl

    Isaac is the best. He is hilarious- he would never humiliate someone on purpose… he might gently question why in God’s name they chose to wear a tent to a red carpert event, but seriously- he wouldn’t put someone in an awkward position. He’s a designer- what he did was zone in on her built-in bra- which by the way- WAS fabulous because it held her big old boobies up… thats what he’s grabbing for- the bra, not her tits.

    And yes, as mememe said, gay men have a ‘Get Out of Jail’ free card to grope/molest/cop a feel off a straight chick..

  9. Ldysunfyre

    Yeah, you can clearly see he’s grabbing the underneath part of the dress–the padding of the built-in bra as it were.

    The only thing it might do to embarass Scarlett is show that she used padding to round herself out a bit.

  10. The Mav

    Isaac is fabulous. He can pinch my boob all he wants.

  11. CD

    Oh man, that’s some good stuff.

  12. Junior

    why on earth would you feel sorry for her, this story won’t go away and the attention has been on her, well until more Reesey found out she’s been wearing Chanel Goodwill!!

  13. missmarley

    Isaak is so annoying and he tries so hard. They should have had Carson from the fab 5.

  14. Sith Lord

    She kind of looked like she liked it…where was Josh? Where will they be in ten years? Did you see Drew Barrymore?

  15. stepback

    No he can’t touch anybody’s boobs! Have any of you ever heard of personal space??
    Damn white people are so stupid.

  16. ev

    “Damn white people are so stupid.”

    Yeah, we’re usually the only ones who are ever called racist too. I’m sorry, but if you had put in the word “black” instead of white, it would have been immediately removed, *as it should be*. Negative generalizations about any race is unacceptable, moron.

    anywho, Scarlett didn’t seem to mind. Hell, if I had those, I wouldn’t care either!

  17. Bijoula

    In a recent french magazine interview, Scarlett was being asked about Sofia Coppola and she said ” It was very difficult to work with her as she has a very bad breath and likes to speak close to her actors when she directs them”.

  18. Silasdog

    Hey, anybody can get big juggs, just go down to your local plastic surgeon and get ‘em installed.

  19. Studly

    That cheap gay loser should be locked up.

    Scarlett should have beaten that dog up till it cried like the queer sissy weirdo loser that it is.

    So should all you losers who support such deviant things.

  20. isabel

    I love it! SO HOT!!!

  21. beanie

    i think issac’s just pretending 2 b gay just so that he can get away with touching celebrities’ boobs.

  22. Studly

    Fockin’ Gay Mizrahi!
    I’ m so pissed off that it was not my balls he grabbed !
    But hey his hands seem too big for them.

  23. .

    lololol…….. POOR, LOL, PO-….LOLOL… POOORR Scarlet!

    I feel for the lady. She was on top of the world and then Isaac had to go do something like that.

    Actually, that’s disrespectful. If she were older, no one would dare do something like that.

    Now, I’m angry. People shouldn’t be doing that to actresses. Talk about SEXUAL HARASSMENT.

    These stars never get a break.

  24. lulu

    sexual harassment?
    i don’t get that. just like i don’t get GLAAD getting pissed at mizrahi for calling charlize theron’s character in monster a ‘scary dyke with bad teeth’. it’s true. and it’s hilarious.

    god some people must be having trouble breathing, since that stick is shoved so far up their asses…
    i don’t want to live in a world where funny gay men aren’t allowed to grab women’s boobs.

  25. Earl

    So I guess if a straight reported grabbed
    Russel Crowe’s penis – no probelm
    Can you say head off and rolling away?

  26. Darlene

    Thanks to the ‘powers that be’ for Issac Mizrahi. He delivered some levity and comic relief to another otherwise boring awards show. Moreover, I don’t, for one minute, believe that Issac would intentionally do anything to offend or hurt anyone. Ever. He just wouldn’t. He’s sensitive to other people’s sensibilities. I think people are making much, too much, out of this.

  27. Fynkleman

    You guys talk about Mizrahi like you are friends and you actually know him. what he did was rude, and she had wanted to push it, is actually a criminal offense. Just because he is gay, that does not excuse his actions. She was obviously embarrassed by his actions.

  28. Kris

    Isaac was doing what is common in the fashion industry. I would say it was simply instinctive and then later turned into a big fun media thing. Those guys are always touching, pulling, pinning things up, seeing how things feel – I know, I work in fashion and my assessment of that scene is he wasn’t even thinking, it’s just habit. If Scarlett was embarassed then I do feel bad for her and it was definitely a gaffe, but I truly believe that designers are over it when it comes to touching women’s boobs, Scarlett’s or anyone else’s. They are surrounded by models all of the time and creating garments to enhance the look of a woman’s breasts all of the time, believe me, they have seen it all… this does not strike me as too terribly big of a deal, based upon the world in which they live. He could have been more aware of what he was doing though, we all know the rest of the world would find it shocking… I do not believe though that this was his “master plan.” Not for a second.

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