If You Didn’t Think Nicole Richie Was Skinny Before

November 17th, 2005 // 7 Comments

I’m assuming you will now. Those arms are like twigs.

(Thanks to LB for sending in the photos.)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. netty

    What weight is she trying to watch? And why does she think this looks good? Poor DJ AM he’s got no cushin!

  2. Alikat

    Um these pictures don’t even show the extremity of the situation. I saw video footage of this last night on the showbiz show…i am scared for her. Does she realize that she is a “role model” for kids. People are not supposed to look like tan dying skeletons.

  3. HelenSparkles

    In six months time she’ll be telling us all about her anorexia hell!

  4. leah

    attagirl Nicole.

  5. *Muffy*

    Nicole maybe is skinny but thats the way she wants 2 look. If she has anorexia she cannot help it people don’t understand wat people go through and they cannot help themselves so others need 2 help them. I think Nicole Richie is gr8 and no1 should bag her out. I think she looks hot no matter wat so just leave her alone!!!! I love u Nicole.

  6. rita

    i know i love nicole and happen to be the same height and i’m on my way to loosing the weight too, and i dont have far to go considering i already lost a lot already. i love you nicole!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Rosa

    Good, let her become anorexic. She asked for it!

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