If You Didn’t Already Think Patti Stanger Was A Crazy Bitch…

You might think that Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger is an uber-bitch after you hear her go off on her stylist about lines and symmetry and the rules of television. You’ll have to visit here to hear the rant! Here are some experts:

“Get your f***ing feelings out of this f***ing room or you’re never going to be a stylist. This is your moment of me saying your name on the air. Nobody has ever done that for you. So why would you have me in f***ing random clothes? This is Elle f***ing magazine! This is the big one! You want to fatten me up.”

“I want you to understand what you did wrong! Count the f***ing measurement to my f***ing knee! You have to learn these techniques; I can’t do this for you. It’s like when I’m matchmaking somebody — I know exactly what they want!”

PS: Be sure to measure the length to her knee, all would-be stylists!

Patti looks just as demented as seen here at the 2010 Upfront Awards Party by Bravo in March of this year!