If The Escort Boss Said It Didn’t Happen, Then It Didn’t Happen

It’s a interesting day when the head of an escort ring backs you up.

“Escort Boss” Michelle Braun shot down rumors that David Beckham had himself a call girl (and a terribly unattractive one at that).  Braun told London’s The Sun that Beckham is far too “goody two-shoes” to be doing what Tiger Woods did so frequently.  Since Braun runs shop on the call girl circuit, she knows that Beckham isn’t getting his kicks from her broads.

If he had been hiring call girls and sleeping
around in America, I would have heard about it.

“I worked with the best in the business and my girls served the top sports
stars all over the globe.  Beckham has never been involved with working girls. He is too goody two-shoes
for that.”

Beckham is suing the pants off Bosnia-born Irma Nici, who told In Touch magazine she bumped uglies with the soccer stud.  In Touch’s publisher, Bauer, is also named in the suit as well as its editor, Michelle Lee.