If I See Another Pair of Uggs I’m Going To Lose It

June 22nd, 2004 // 32 Comments


Why do the women of LA love Uggs so much? They are so fucking Uggly. Why anyone would choose to wear a furry, tan boot in 90 degree weather is beyond me? Everyone knows that once Britney Spears starts wearing an item, the trend must die!

I must also go off on Britney’s taste in men. First she marries that backwoods Jason Alexander, and now she’s shacking up with the newly skanky-ass boyfriend Kevin Federline. Somehow a man who leaves his pregnant girlfriend whom he has another child with to be with Brit, probably isn’t doing Britney for love. Also, what’s up with his awful look. He use to be preppy [via Sterogum]. I don’t get the tilted baseball cap thing at all.

Poor girl.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. M

    Come on Miu, don’t be so harsh…

    the Uggs arent THAT bad.

  2. Nik

    I can’t even describe how hideous those damn things are. Only thing worse than a woman in Uggs is a dude sporting them.

  3. Helen

    Yeah those were “in” when I was in middle school here in CA back in ’90. Fuggly!

  4. Mike

    Thank God you give a voice to the rest of us Ugg haters. Not only are the out of style, they are out of friggin’ season. Stop it already!

    P.S. The boy probably changed his look because he looked gay before. Noone would have believed someone that cute was straight.

  5. Kitty

    UGGs ARE, in fact the most hideous fashion trend in recent memory.. And thinking about all the foot odor due to wearing them in the heat isn’t helping..

    Ladies, please! Let’s give the Uggs the boot!

  6. I’m sick of seeing them. I saw some H’Schooler wearing them last week and it was 85 out. Makes no sense. Not only are they ugly, they’re also inappropriate for New York City slush. If you’re wearing them in LA now, they ought to revoke your right to vote and own property – just like the “Founding Father’s” envisioned…

    Reminds me of all these New Yorkers running around with these Von Dutch hats. Why can’t you lemmings discover something on your own before a celeb (who gets it for free) validates it as cool enough for you to wear? Amazing that the “cool and hip” would fall all over themselves to sport mesh-backed trucker hats, pulled right out of the trash cans of rural America. Who knew that corn pokes could teach us cosmopolitan city types something about fashion? Can snuff be far behind?

  7. jollywannacracker

    Here, here Miu.

  8. bethany

    uggs are awesome and if u dont like them then u can just suck my nipple

  9. emmalee

    uggs are fine, if u live in australia and you surf…which is what they are made for…i dont think they were meant to be fashionable or trendy, but someone decided to put them on, and everyone followed..its like wearing timberlands…there work boots, not fashion accesories.

  10. Alexandria

    Uggs are ugly, but the most comfortable thing your foot will ever feel. In the winter, they’re O.K., they keep your feet cozy. But….I have to admit, Uggs in L.A. or in summer, well that must stop

  11. Bunny

    As for the Uggs…I truly don’t understand wearing wool fleece lined boots in 80 degree weather. I’ve been wearing them for ten years, they aren’t “new” to me. I do however, live in Illinois where we actually get SNOW.
    Britt’s choice in men as well as fashion can be summed up by this simple statement: You can take the girl out of the white trash, but you can’t take the white trash out of the girl.

  12. susan

    Don’t hate…just cuz you couldn’t find any…or afford them.

  13. karen

    Try moving to Montana this winter and figure out what you want on your feet at -20 below zero with the wind blowing 30 mph and the guy in front of you is stuck and you will be sitting in your car for 30 mins getting the heck out of the car so you aren’t demolished by someone skidding – and then waiting by the road – in what, some $350.00 high heels?

  14. Jenn

    Let me guess … all those here bashing Uggs most likely can’t afford a pair. Is that the reason for your bitterness? Don’t base your opinions on jealousy. Enjoy your boots from your local Wal-Mart and leave our Uggs alone. Thanks.

  15. Alex

    go jenn i love you. Ya uggs rock and ya i bet u guys are just bitter cuz u cant afford them or cant pull them off…or u hate them becuz the popular bitch at school has them and u hate her

  16. dumbass

    alex, you should step away from your computer and open a book. you are an idiot. i can assure you that i can afford uggs however, i’d rather spend my money on something stylish. someone saying that uggs are ugly doesn’t mean that they don’t have money. when you finish studying and feel that you have a grasp on the english language, pick up a copy of vogue.

  17. al

    Haha I agree… I am sick of seeing Uggs or any type of lace up huge high fur-lined boots. Yes….I think I can afford them seeing as I have many items that cost over $100….OOHH they are sooo expensive! But if you love them so and must wear them fine….it is winter now. The thought of those sweaty furry not socked feet in CA or in the heat anywhere just makes me want to vomit though.

  18. kristen

    Vogue? Really? It is the place to find some of the most ugly outfits that are “cool and fashionable” simply because of the fact that celebrities are wearing them or they cost $5,000! Not everything that is over a hundred dollars is cute! That said, if you don’t have a practical use for uggs (i.e. you live in a really cold place or you love super comfortable shoes) then please, stop wearing them to be trendy, because they aren’t anymore.

  19. dumbass

    No, you’re right, not everything over 100 dollars is cute. My point was that there’s a difference between style and trends and that perhaps alex and jen should look into those differences.

  20. uggs are out, these people need 24 hour stylists, mukluks are pretty nice, and coach has some nice looking styles too if youre looking for a non uggly boot

  21. mukluks are nice, and coach has some great styles out if youre looking for a stylish boot- that arent ugglyish, mind you they arent cheap

  22. bizzotch

    I think uggs are fine if you actually like them and wear them for your own purpose, especially if its really cold weather. who are we to put down what people spend their money on? for those of you hating on uggs and people who wear them, I think youre negative comments would be more useful to yourselves so you can realize how superficial youre being, there are more important things. if the ugg trend is supposedly over then people must be wearing them for their practicality. i have a pair, and i paid a lot, so i want get all the use i can out of them, also ive spiffed mine up by adding trimmings to them, ribbons, little felt cutouts that got sewn on, be creative. make them more versatile. make your own style people, and dont criticize others. your fashion is what makes you unique.

  23. K dumbass u are only saying this crap becuz only hot people can pull it off.

  24. jennifer

    what happened to wearing something because you simply like it and not getting shit for it???? i think people like uggs cause theyre sooo comfy, and theres something about them that makes them seem like youre not trying, and theres an innocent silly almost kid like quality to them. to each their own.

  25. Why don’t you guys just all get over yourselves! If you really care about whats “in” and whats not, then you need to really discover your own identity and stop comparing your wardrobe to what is in style. UGGS are comfy boots but they aren’t meant to please everyone. We all have our flaws and there is def. no norm in fashion- be original and if people like their UGGS, let them wear it… I’m sure you wear things that UGGS owners don’t like but are they bashing on your style??

  26. Julie

    some UGGS are ugly but some are super-cute. I got some kick-ass ones that are impossible to find in any store on ebay. THEY are cute. My first pair of regular UGGs from last year might not be that cute but the more they come out with, the cuter they get! I love ‘em. UGG haters obviously live in a hole and have not seen that there is MORE than one style!!!

  27. m.r

    I can say uggs are ugly and I can afford them I just bought a entire BURBERRY outfit. $2500!!!

  28. Kate

    Ugg’s are alright, but only if they’re worn appropriately. It’s not too complicated ladies; they are FUR LINED BOOTS, which are meant to be worn in very cold, snowy weather. In cold, snowy weather, you are usually wearing pants. Not a mini skirt. Not short shorts. PANTS.

    I own a pair of Uggs, but I also live in Ontario (Canada), and it gets damn cold here. So, if I see that its shitty outside, I pull on some warm pants and my comfy Uggs and head out the door.

    I don’t understand all the tools who are wearing them in the middle of the summer with shorts and a tank top. Do you wear mittens with shorts and a tank? Or a furry winter jacket? NO! Save winter clothing for the winter!

  29. Think

    For those of you who think that UGGs were made for cold, snowy, weather, you are mislead. If you simply took the time to read the UGGs website, it states that sheepskin boots were made for the beaches in Australlia and New Zeland, not snowy winters in some distant country. Brian Smith was the man who reintroduced the UGGs to California. It was only after surfers in California wore then, did they gain their popularity. From the begining UGGs were trendset by sunny Californians.

  30. LV

    i read all these things about “UGGS”, well for me they’re alright i was thinking of getting one but nevermined, i got a better thing though. A louis vuitton montsouris backpack, so much better than that ugg boots that people wear around. For me, i would wear something that you dont see people wearing, something not a lot of people could afford that’s why i got me a louis vuitton backpack. O yea thats my backpack in highschool..hehehe

  31. Marcus

    Yeah that’s why I got me a Louis Vuitton backpack. I was going to get me a Ugg but instead got me a backpack, in high school.. teehee..

    When you turn 23.. life is going to kick your ass.. I can’t wait..

    Ps. Tell your mom thanks, its bitches like you that I fuck in the ass then slap in the face with my dick and say, are you sure your shit doesn’t stink? Because I definitely smell something pungent.

  32. natalie

    umm…people, calm down! if you dont like uggs Grrrrreat. if you do, even better! uggs were made to be worn however wherever! so if you dont like uggs -even if theyre horribley out of style- keep it to yourselves, no one cares.

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