If I See Another Pair of Uggs I’m Going To Lose It


Why do the women of LA love Uggs so much? They are so fucking Uggly. Why anyone would choose to wear a furry, tan boot in 90 degree weather is beyond me? Everyone knows that once Britney Spears starts wearing an item, the trend must die!

I must also go off on Britney’s taste in men. First she marries that backwoods Jason Alexander, and now she’s shacking up with the newly skanky-ass boyfriend Kevin Federline. Somehow a man who leaves his pregnant girlfriend whom he has another child with to be with Brit, probably isn’t doing Britney for love. Also, what’s up with his awful look. He use to be preppy [via Sterogum]. I don’t get the tilted baseball cap thing at all.

Poor girl.