If You Weren’t In Love With Chris Hemsworth Already, You’re About To Be

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Just in case you weren’t already obsessed with Chris Hemsworth here’s one more reason you should be.

The sexy actor stopped traffic last night at the UK Premiere of Guardians of the Galaxy.  No he is not in the film.  Yes we so wish he was.  Chris Pratt is in it so at least that saves us from total disappointment.  But back to Hemsworth and the reasons why we’re in love with him.

Forbes Magazine just released a list of Hollywood’s highest paid actors and guess who came in at no. 5?! Our boy Chris of course.  So not only is he extremely good looking but he is also extremely rich.  Forbes estimates that Chris earned about $37 million last year.  Looks like all those superhero movies really paid off.

Chris has starred in Marvel flicks Thor and The Avengers which helped him earn the big bucks and landed him on the list.  Maybe that’s why he showed up for another Marvel movie’s red carpet?  It’s nice that he has some loyalty to the franchise that made him a superstar.

But he does look pretty amaze on the blue carpet.  Elsa Pataky is one lucky lady.  Married to a hottie and one that’s rich!  We also hear that he’s super down to earth, so we’ll just add that to the list of reasons why he’s perfect.

Robert Downey Jr. rounded out the list at no. 1 earning $75 million.  Other celebs who topped the list where Bradley Cooper and Leonardo DiCaprio.  But go check out more of Forbes lists they’re pretty cool especially The World’s Most Powerful Celebrity one.

Launch the gallery to see more pics of Chris looking like a million bucks!

By Candice Brock

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