Idris Elba Takes His Muscles For A Run On The Set Of His New Movie

Idris Poses For GQ
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I think you should know by now that I will take any and all opportunities to talk about how bangin” Idris Elba is. So let’s do that right now, shall we?

The actor was looking pretty hunky today on the set of his new movie, A Hundred Streets. Well, everything was hunky except for his teeth. They’ve put some sort of make-up on them to make them look rotted. Why would you do that to his beautiful smile?

Also, I’ve decided that jogging scenes are one of my favorite things to watch being filmed. 

Think about it: there’s this great Idris jogging scene, all those Zac Efron ones and of course the infamous Jamie Dornan one. Jogging scenes are also the only time it is appropriate for men to wearing running shoes. Hear that world? Thanks.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Idris and his muscles. I want to touch them. Is that weird? Maybe. I’ll just show myself out.