Idris Elba Looks Hot On The Cover Of Details Magazine, Talks Career And More

Idris Poses For GQ
He opens up about DJing and pushing bags of weed.
If you thought Idris Elba had post-daddy sex appeal, wait till you see him in next month’s issue of Details!

The actor opened up about his love life, being father to two, and why it’s no surprise that he’s Hollywood’s “It” guy!

Details was on point with the title of the article: “The Undeniable, Indescribable Appeal Of Idris Elba.” Not only is he a fascinating actor with a great story, but he has all kinds of appeal! All you gotta do is check out the photos.

For starters, have you had a look at his eyes? Those things just stare into your soul! That’s the undeniable part.

What about his chest? His perfectly-sculpted chest. Now that’s indescribable.

OK, I think we understand the article’s title choice now. Back to the interview.

The 41-year-old spoke about his recent roles and how they shaped his future roles.  He spoke about how after playing Nelson Mandela in Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom, he was bothered by some of the roles being offered to him. He said:

You know, I’d just played this iconic human being, and the scripts I got afterward were sort of . . . disappointing. Look, I know that I work a lot, but I’d prefer to wait sometimes because I don’t want to just do rubbish films anymore or characters that anyone can play.

With such an impressive resume, it’s no wonder he feels that way. I think he’s proven that he’s one of the best. He’s even considered by many to be the world’s best hope for a black James Bond!

I wouldn’t object to that! For more from the interview, you can read the full version over at Details now!