Ice-T And Coco Talk About Their Beautiful Sex Life

I can barely type when faced with this sort of class and sophistication. I think these two just battled me for a cart outside of Stop N’ Shop. I live in the hood now and I haven’t yet learned the ways of the street. Coco distracted me with those giant submarines on her chest while Ice-T pistol-whipped me. The kicker is that they didn’t even want the cart for grocery shopping. They were going next door to Discount Liquors to fill up on Zima for Coco and Haffenreffer (Headwrecker) .40s for Ice-T! I think they were going to a christening.

Ice-T and Coco were asked about how they keep their sex life bangin’ after all this time. Answer: “The Stroke!”

“We have a certain Stroke he does and he surprises every now and then with a different Stroke,” Coco says.


“Sex is 90 percent mental. It happens in the brain, so she thinks my Stroke is special – but it’s the way I’ve got her head believing it’s something special,” Ice-T added.

So, does he mean…like…the actual thrusting? If it happens “in the brain”, she might be in trouble. I think the “special” here is Ice-T’s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit pay. There’s your stroke. Mariska Hargitay must run when this bitch and her large titties roll up on the set. No one likes being outclassed. Especially by this sort of breeding.

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