Ice-T Is Too Tough For A Seat Belt, But Gets Arrested Regardless

I’m not sure whether to call him iconic rapper or iconic Law & Order actor, but Ice-T was arrested this morning and taken in by New York Police Department officials after he was spotted driving without a seat belt and authorities later discovered his driver’s license was suspended. That’s why you always wear your seat belt…so they won’t pull you over, revealing your more heinous misdemeanors.

According to a spokesman for the NYPD, the rapper was arrested on 40th Street and 11th Avenue in Manhattan at approximately 9 a.m. this morning. An officer pulled over Ice-T (real name: Tracy Marrow) for a routine stop after noticing the entertainer driving without a seat belt.

Coco confirmed on Twitter that her husband had been arrested and released, saying “Yes, Ice was arrested this morning but we don’t know what the hell for! He’s been released,” she wrote. “We got pulled over for not wearing seat belts.”

In all fairness, can seat belts actually fit around her chest? Him – no excuse. But her? I honestly don’t think there’s enough seat belt to go around.