Ice Cream Outing: Seraphina And Samuel Affleck At Baskin Robbins [PHOTOS]

After last night’s premiere of The Odd Life Of Timothy Green, Jennifer Garner took Samuel and Seraphina Affleck out ice cream at Baskin Robbins in Pacific Palisades, California today (August 7th).

Both kids are adorable-Samuel is a little bopper and Seraphina, I could just eat up.  That ballerina costume?  Stop it!

Garner told New Jersey’s Star Ledger a little bit about herself.  Even though she got her big break on Alias at 30, she didn’t have that “I’ve arrived!” moment.  “I didn’t feel as if, OK, I’ve finally gotten here. When I was doing theater in a barn in Michigan, I felt I had already gotten there.”

She doesn’t want to complain, but Garner worries about the paparazzi and the safety of her three kids.  The paps  “literally chase you, running red lights – I’m a really careful driver, especially with my kids in the car, but I worry they’re going to cause an accident,” Garner said.