Ian Ziering’s ’90210′ Reunion Wedding

June 1st, 2010 // 2 Comments

Steve Sanders got married! Or Ian Ziering as some people call him.

Ian stood under the chuppah with Erin Kristine Ludwig on Friday in Newport Beach (his second marriage) in what could have been a reunion episode for 90210. Brian Austin Green came with his possibly future fiancee-again, Megan Fox, and the two smooched in their seats. Jennie Garth walked hand in hand with her hubby Peter Facinelli, while a bearded Jason Priestly led the alum pack to the party with his wife Naomi.

What are the chances the reception was at the Peach Pit?

By Madison Ventura

  1. Frankie

    Everyone looked fab! The wedding WAS beautiful. I have been friends with Ian since we were very little. Hes a great guy and shes a sweetheart. Ian never ages because he has been using this amazing new thing thats all the rage in Holllywood called the Galvanic Spa. I am now working directly with Ian building a team to sell this item. Check it out here http://www.youthfulnaturally.com. If you want to be on Ian’s team, or learn more, be sure to contact us.

  2. CCCC

    Come on now! Stop with the pyramid scheme!!! The guy is hurting for cash and he’s riding on he’s few fans that will buy into that crap! Wake up!
    And this child bride is in for a rude awakening! I know Ian too and let’s just say he’s good with the girls. I just hope she knows what she got her self into! Good Luck sweetie. She looks so young and dumb.

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