Ian Somerhalder: Not Just Another Pretty Vampire

There are plenty of vampire movies and TV shows to choose from right now for those of us who are into that blood-sucking thing. And The Vampire Diaries star, Ian Somerhalder does his best to explain the appeal of his kind.

“It’s an interesting, fun genre. It’s dangerous, it’s dark and there are so many elements that we’re attracted to. Girls love the bad boy and boys love the bad boy,” Somerhalder explains.

Of his 175-year-old character’s jaded outlook on life, Ian says, “At 30, I’m cynical about things. At 50, I’ll be happy but even more cynical. Imagine everyone you’ve known and loved has died. That’d create a high level of cynicism.”

It’s not too hard to see from the August Man photoshoot what other charms Ian possesses.

Gallery Info: Ian Somerhalder for August Man magazine.