Ian Somerhalder’s Life Is Getting The Comic Book Treatment

Ian's Magazine Covers
Ian Somerhalder's sexiest magazine covers.
He might be the hottest thing on television right now, but Ian Somerhalder is poised to be the hottest thing in comic book land, too!

The Vampire Diaries star is getting his very own comic from Bluewater titled Fame, about his life as an actor, with a large focus on his environmental work. You know guys, Ian is a mean, green bringing machine. Get it? Because environmental stuff is green?

The author of the comic, Michael L. Frizell, felt a real kinship to Ian after learning about all his environmental work. 

“I feel like I understand him, and his passion for environmentalism in the wake of hurricane Katrina…I admire Mr. Somerhalder’s efforts.” Michael, you are not alone.

Although if I can be totally shallow for a second, I am obsessed with those artistically drawn comic book abs.


Do you think Ian gets more reception for his environmental work because he’s so attractive and his life is so cool? That’s gotta have something to do with it, no?

Fame is already out, so you can have your very own copy of Ian’s abs! You can get a digital copy from iTunes, or a print one from Comic Flea Market. Maybe if you’re lucky you’ll run into Ian while holding your copy, then he can autograph before the two of you head to coffee and discuss the earth.