Ian Somerhalder Wants You To Know That He’s Totally Single

Well hello Ian Somerhalder’s muscles. Thank you so much for making an appearance last night.

The Vampire Diaries star was spotted making his way into the Chateau Marmont, keeping it cool while on his cellphone. Do you think he’s finally gonna send me those shirtless selfies I asked for?

I mean, it’s totally kosher cause he’s totally single! At least that’s what he told the folks at E! News. 

When quizzed about his relationship status Ian replied, “There is no dating. I am solo as solo can get. I can’t imagine dating in Hollywood. I’m a serial monogamist, man. Dating in Hollywood’s gotta be gnarly.” Now, was he talking about Hollywood the place or the institution ? Cause that seems like quite a dig at former lady Nina Dobrev.

So I guess those muscles really aren’t dating Molly Swenson. Or he could be lying. In which case, can you still take your shirt off? I’ve got a real one track mind today. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Ian being sessy. Maybe if we all wish really hard his shirt will magically combust.