Ian Somerhalder Shows Off The Muscles & The Posing Abilities For ‘Annex Man’

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There’s a reason that Ian Somerhalder was a model before he became an actor. Because he’s just so freaking good at it. Not that he’s not good at the acting bit too, of course.

The Vampire Diaries actor covers the winter issue of Annex Man where he not only showed off his posing abilities and his perfect, perfect muscles, but also chatted about the show and how life is for him so far.

I can’t decide if his answer about Damon and Elena was a sick burn or awesome. 

When asked what we can expect from Ian and former girlfriend Nina Dobrev’s characters in season 5, Ian answered, “Time will tell like any relationship- but maybe Damon should date women maybe more his age… I mean isn’t there a dating site or a bar in Mystic Falls for 150+ year old hookups!?”

In addition to a bunch of Vampire Diaries talk, Ian also spoke about his charity, the Ian Somerhalder Foundation. “I knew we were an unstoppable force that would bring the change this world deserves to see. Our mission statement is to empower, educate, and collaborate with people and projects to positively impact the planet and its creatures.”

But are you ready to love Ian a little bit more? When asked what his favorite things are to do in his down time he responded:

“Immersed in the worn pages of philosophy or a great work of fiction, taking in the hum of crickets and wilderness, and surrounded by the people I love. Simple joys in this life we tend to forget are even there. Taking a minute to leave the office or the studio for a stroll on a brisk fall day or a warm summer one really can work wonders. I find myself, just like the rest of us, trying to find that healthy balance. I’m no busier than anyone else. The 21st century is going to be an interesting time for humanity. My hope is that while taking that stroll, having a conversation with a friend at a coffee shop gazing out the window we realize one thing: We need nature–whether it’s for those worn book pages or those leaves blowing in the clean air we breathe.”

So, Ian is basically the perfect guy, right? Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from his magazine spread, and for more of what Ian had to say on The Vampire Diaries and his fashion choices, visit AnnexMan.com!