Ian Somerhalder Dishes About Season 3 of ‘Vampire Diaries’

Sounds like Elena and Damon’s relationship will be evolving in season 3 of the Vampire Diaries.  MTV caught up with Ian Somerhalder at Comic-Con in San Diego, CA this past weekend where he talked about the relationship between the two characters.

“The dynamics happening between Damon and Elena…they sort of like poke fun at each other, they jab at each other, she gets things from Damon that she doesn’t get from Stefan. He makes her smile. I mean, yes, he killed her brother; yes, he destroyed her life…but he makes her smile,” Ian said.

After watching the trailer, I guess it’s inevitable that they would get a little closer since Stefan traded his good guy role to run around with evil vampire Klaus.  And as a closeted, and now I guess open Vampire fan, I’m looking forward to seeing how this will all play out as the season develops.

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I’m also kinda glad that Stefan and Damon will switch roles for a bit.  Little brother’s whole tortured vampire schtick was getting a little blah and I feel the story line needed to have a little change of pace.  And plus, I want to see how real life couple Ian and Nina Dobrev are together in a more intimate level on-screen.

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Seems like the two are getting serious.  Click the link above to see pictures of the couple vacationing with their mothers in Paris, France.  Regardless of the 10 year age difference, they make a stunning couple!

Watch Somerhalder’s interview with MTV after the jump.

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