Ian Somerhalder Poses For ‘Flaunt,’ Talks About His Environmental Causes

I’m usually good at detecting the irony in photoshoots, but I can’t really figure out what Ian Somerhalder is trying to tell us by dressing in fugly retro garb for Flaunt Magazine.  I wish he’d just put on his Damon Salvatore clothes and compel us to do something for him.  The Vampire Diaries star talked with the magazine at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, CA as he was putting the finishing touches on his environmental documentary with scientist Allen Savory.

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When he’s not shooting TVD down in Atlanta, Somerhalder is fighting for the environment and teaching the younger generations to take care of the earth.  “The most powerful audience in the world. What you can change is the next generation; generational change is the only thing that’s going to shift the paradigm. I used to get so angry, but then you realize that’s just wasting energy. But if you focus your energy and realize that it all comes from education, and it’s the sharing of information that will eventually blend out the bureaucracies that exist now,” Somerhalder told the mag.

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