Ian Somerhalder & Paul Wesley Get Hot In Barcelona As Ian Kicks Some Ass For Energy

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Hey! Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley! Thanks for being oh so attractive.

The Vampire Diaries hotties, along with co-star Nathaniel Buzolic, were in Barcelona earlier today for the BloodyNightCon3. Too bad they didn’t dress up as vampires for the convention.

I’m surprised that Ian has enough energy to be at a convention and chatting with his fans. He was just in New York being pensive and pretty. Oh, and if you think they’re at all close to being done with the no sleep, you’d be wrong. Ian and his Vampire Diaries crew are off to even more places! 

They’re gonna stop in Belgium, France, Italy, Australia and way, way more. It’s sad that Ian doesn’t get to spend anytime with girlfriend Nina Dobrev, cause she is looking like a total knock out these days. Well, not that she always doesn’t, but with the Met Ball coming up soon I’m hoping for something incredible from her.

And if you thought that Ian was just a guy who’s a vampire, you’d be wrong. He’s also quite the badass when it comes to kicking ass over green energy. Remember when we saw him kicking ass a while ago? Now you can see it in trailer form!

Check out the awesome trailer below and make sure you launch the gallery to see all the hot Vampire Diaries folks. Enjoy!

By Sabba Rahbar

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