Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley And Their Vampire Hotness Land At LAX

While Nina Dobrev was being honored at the 2013 Variety Power of Youth event on Saturday (July 27, 2013), her Vampire Diaries co-stars, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley were landing at LAX.

Earlier in the week was Paul’s birthday and Nina tweeted a few pics from the event, however Ian wasn’t featured in any of the photos, including a group shot. Someone had to have taken that pic though, and all signs are pointing to Ian.

Yesterday (July 28, 2013), Ian tweeted a pic of himself, Nina and Paul, which Nina retweeted. With the caption, “The trio-Stefan,Elena,Damon…” So, it seems as if Ian and Nina  are getting along just fine despite their split over the summer. 

Check out all the pics of Ian and Paul landing in LA by launching the gallery.

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