Ian Somerhalder Looks Good And Talks ‘The Vampire Diaries’ With Nathaniel Buzolic And Melese Jow In Spain

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First of all, can we appreciate that once again Ian Somerhalder is working his sexy newsboy look. Take your shirt off and tell me the headlines!

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s discuss why he was in the newsboy cap. The Vampire Diaries star and his former co-stars Nathaniel Buzolic And Melese Jow were all in Spain today where they talked TVD at BloodyNightCon.

I hope they talked about the crazy, absurd, tear-jerking thing that happened on the season 5 finale. SPOILERS after the jump! 

No seriously, stop reading if you haven’t seen last night’s episode and don’t want to know what happened.

Are you gone? Good. So let’s talk about how last night we said good-bye to Damon and Bonnie. Like, for reals. I mean, sure we got Stefan back and I’m still team Stelena all the way, but oh my god! Damon! Since this is The Vampire Diaries they probably won’t stay dead for very long, but there were still lots and lots of tears.

Mostly because we need to see Ian’s beautiful face on our screens every week. But on the plus side, we got Alaric back! Also, I miss Nathaniel and Melese on TVD. Especially Nate. He’s so pretty.

Well, hopefully you’ve stopped crying and are now ready to stare at some of your Vampire Diaries favorites. So launch the gallery and do just that. This sort of makes up for Ian not joining the other sexy men of the CW yesterday. Sorta.