Ian Somerhalder Looks Fine At LAX, Became A Twitter Trend On His Birthday [PHOTOS]

Ian or Colin?
Kelly says Colin, Amanda says Ian for '50 Shades of Grey.'
Ian & Nina
Their cutest photos together.
Well hello there, Ian Somerhalder! Wasn’t it somebody’s birthday yesterday?!

The Vampire Diaries star was spotted spending the day after his 34th birthday departing from Los Angeles International Airport. Sure, there must be better ways to celebrate a birthday–like maybe looking for a Christmas tree with girlfriend, Nina Dobrev–but Ian seemed happy about it.

Ian must have had quite the birthday with all his fans wishing him well. In fact, so many people wanted to tell him happy birthday that “#HappyBirthdayIanSomerhalder” was actually trending on Twitter! So how did Ian feel about that?

He loved it! Obviously. Ian was so excited and humble by it, he posted this on Twitter:

What a sweetie pie. All in all, I’m guessing he had a pretty good birthday. Also, is anybody else shocked that he turned 34? I mean, he looks like he should be 26, 27ish. Good genes. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Ian leaving LAX. How old do you think Ian looks? Let us know in the comments!