Ian Somerhalder Is Hot In Germany, Wants You To Know He Has Nothing To Do With RIcin Letters

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Well hello there, Ian Somerhalder.

Oh, you’ve got Paul Wesley with you as well? You mean I can spend all day looking at the hot dudes from The Vampire Diaries? Well don’t mind if I do. The sexy actors were spotted in Germany over the weekend hanging out with fans at Bloody Con 2013.

Now while they were busy being hot this weekend, a former Vampire Diaries actress got arrested for sending ricin filled letters to President Obama and Mayor Bloomberg. But don’t worry y’all, because Ian had nothing to do with it.

Ian noticed that a picture of him with the Shannon Guess–who we can only assume was an extra on the show and definitely not a star–hit the front page of the New York Post. His Tweets about it were priceless.

Ian continued, “Insane! Thanks for using MY Photo NYPost,couldn’t you have used a werewolf or something? I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS! Mayor Bloomberg and President Obama are my friends…” He then posted a link to an article on Shannon with the Tweet, “Now i get it!!”

Glad you got that all cleared up, Ian. And don’t worry, you’re too cute for us to suspect you of anything. I mean, have you seen this photo? Speaking of photos, launch the gallery to check out all the pictures of Ian and Paul being awesome together.