Ian Somerhalder Gives Young Lady A Kiss At Comic-Con, Nina Dobrev Not Jealous [PHOTOS]

July 14th, 2012 // 4 Comments

Actors Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley from the show The Vampire Diaries are seen here getting mobbed by fans while leaving the Hard Rock Cafe at Comic-Con 2012 in San Diego last night (July 13, 2012).

At one point, being the generous and loving person that Ian is, he stopped to kiss a fans young baby much to the delight of her mother.

The group attended the Maxim, FX and Fox Home Entertainment Comic-Con Party at Andaz.

You could actually have a date with Ian Somerhalder.

Charitybuzz is hosting an auction that will award the highest bidder a chance to have lunch with the Vampire Diaries star in Atlanta. (Place your bid here.) All proceeds from the auction will benefit the Ian Somerhalder Foundation, and specifically go toward the organization’s plans to open up an animal sanctuary. 

“A big component of ISF is not just habitat or species conservation, it’s animal protection and youth education,” the actor tells EW exclusively. “There are too many animals that are abused, mistreated, and abandoned. They’ve been ostracized, they have behavioral issues, and they’re starving. It’s just unbelievable what we’ve done to the animals, and I think that’s why this is so important.”

The auction is currently live and will run through July 18, and it will help fund the acquisition of land that Somerhalder has his eye on. The plan, he says, is to make this haven a reality “very soon.” And the big goal is to make the sanctuary a place of co-rehabilitation — benefiting both animals and troubled youth.




By Michael Prieve

  1. Kelsey

    You’re not even going to mention the fact that SETH MACFARLANE is in that picture??? Blasphemy!!

    • Jen1988

      WTF?? Who gives a frack about that old ugly woman hater with mommy issues? Family Guy is one of the most sexist misogynistic shows on television at the moment.

      And even if he wasn’t a woman hater, he would never compare to gorgeous hottie Ian Somerhalder. Ian is really the only thing worth watching in all those pics.

    • Kelsey

      You’ve obviously never seen Family Guy, so I’ll cut you a break for those horribly inaccurate comments. I’ll also let you know that while Ian is very cute, he’s way less attractive than Seth in person. And yes, I know that first-hand.

  2. 'The Vampire Diaries' Cast Attends The Maxim, FX And Fox Home Entertainment Comic-Con Party
    Commented on this photo:

    My humble thoughts about that matter, which can be wrong, but I don´t think so:
    Of course Nina was not jealous, because she had clearly dumped Ian at least four weeks ago. Poor guy, he is apparently still so in love with Nina, because he is sort of trying to provoke her with kissing another girl, when he does not care the least about her. There are other indicators of them being split up – him asking about the right antidepressants on Twitter, then promptly deleting the question. Him again, giving a LIKE to the Facebook group called You taught me how to love, but not how to unlove. Them both not spending together their vacations and even travels back to Atlanta, even if they used to be together 24/7 (it was almost comical sometimes). There is a rumour that he proposed to her in February because he wanted to settle and have kids (which is normal at his age), but she rejected him JUST because of that. I understand her, she is far too yound. 10 years his junior, I guess. That much have been a major blow to their relationship. But they are apparently on good terms now and support one another anywhere, which is a good sign. But they won´t say anything public about it, of course. they are intensely private, as they used to be in the beginnings of their relationship, when Ian was supposedly still dating Megan Auld (a rumour). If they told the public that they are not an item anymore, their show (they both star in) would possibly suffer from it, some die hard fans would freak out (the supporting party ofthe COUPLE) and others would possibly start chasing Ian like rockets (HIS supporters), whichwould make him freak out, I guess. So they are quiet. But I bet that if you tried to ask around, the people around TVD would confirm you that these two are already a history. My two cents about the whole matter. And sorry for my bad English. I just find it amusing that there is nobody else who could see the truth.

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