Ian Somerhalder Bites Fans & Takes Selfies In Beijing, Is Generally Handsome

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I like to imagine that these photos of Ian Somerhalder are the universe’s New Years present to me.

I mean, I spend all day waiting for a gift like this, and today–December 31–the universe delivered. And boy, did it deliver. Does it get much better than Ian and his blue eyes biting fans and taking selfies? Not by much guys.

The Vampire Diaries super hottie is currently enjoying some time in Asia, where he was spotted promoting the Benq G2F Digital Camera in Beijing. 

This was, of course, before he then jetted off to Tokyo to celebrate the New Year and post this photo on Instagram:

He posted it with the caption:

“Happy New Year from Tokyo! 2013 was truly magical.Truly. Lets make this one even better- in the Words of Allan Savory: ‘Lets make 2014 a Vintage year for humanity’ I’m so grateful for the support of Vampire Diaries and The Ian Somerhalder Foundation. I’m so truly grateful for all of the support but I need you help- pls pls PLEASE go to Isfoundation.org and donate TODAY- it’s the last day of 2013 and we need it!!!Help us build this sanctuary and start these programs! PlEASE help! Please retweet this message over and over and over!ISF Family please spread this like crazy;) Love, Ian”

OK guys, you heard the man. Go do whatever he says before he compels you to do it. Side note: I have officially caught up on The Vampire Diaries and now I am obsessively counting down the days until it comes back on January 23. What is going to happen?!?!

While we don’t know that, we do know that Ian is very, very handsome. So start 2014 off right by launching the gallery and staring into his big, beautiful blue eyes. And you are allowed to imagine him biting you while you take a selfie. Wait! Do you guys have any photos like that? Send links!

By Sabba Rahbar

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