Ian Somerhalder At The 2013 People’s Choice Awards [PHOTOS]

Ian & His Smolder
'The Vampire Diaries' star parties in Hollywood.
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Last night (January 09, 2013), Ian Somerhalder took the stage to present at the People’s Choice Awards with Happy Endings star Casey Wilson. Ian tried his best to calmly announce the winner, but his co-presenter couldn’t keep herself from feeling him all up!

Draping her arms all over Ian’s shoulders (watch below), the Casey proclaimed: “You’re my boyfriend now! You have to rub my feet and pretend to listen to me when I talk about my dreams. Love you!”

Ian stopped by to pose for many photos with fans while walking the red carpet, and he posed for some pictures backstage as well with Lea Michele, Matt Bomer (his Fifty Shades of Grey competition) as well as Adam Sandler.

All of Ian’s pics from the 2013 People’s Choice Awards are in the gallery!