Ian Somerhalder And Nikki Reed Take Their Relationship To The Next Level, Have A PDA Filled Weekend

Candice Brock | August 11, 2014 - 12:30 pm

Ian During His Single Days
Ian when he was still a single man, showing off his muscles.
Well if it wasn’t official before it certainly is now.  Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed are very much together and seem to be getting super serious.

The two have been flaunting their new romance all around LA.  They’ve been working out with their dogs and going to the Farmers Market, which seems to be their favorite activity/date.  This weekend Nikki and Ian treated us to a series of PDA filled outings.  

First the “love birds” got a little cosy at where else? The Farmers Market.  They definitely have the “couple thing” going for them considering they are coordinating their outfits already.  Both wore matching grey shirts.  Ian casually had his arm around Nikki’s waist at one point.  They kept it pretty “tame” until later.

After the Farmers Market rendezvous they hopped on over to the Teen Choice Awards were we caught them in a long passionate embrace!  Nikki and Ian were snapped with their arms wrapped around each other and appear to be kissing.  The angle is a little weird so I can’t tell if they are actually making out or if it’s just a kiss on the cheek.  Either way I do not need to see this because it is absolutely crushing my dreams of Ian and I ending up together.  I’m sure it’s ruining everyone else’s too.

As for taking their relationship to the next level.  Ian and Nikki have a new edition to their, uh, family? Ian Instagrammed a pic a few days ago of the new “baby boy” he and Nikki recently adopted.  Before all you Ian lovers get too depressed, it’s not actually a baby but a horse named Eagle.  Still, getting a pet together is a big step and could prove that this relationship is more serious then we first thought.

I’m still hoping this is just a summer fling because I don’t think I can handle this anymore.  I miss single Ian, I still had hope for us then…

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