Ian Somerhalder And Kate Gosselin Will NOT Be Hooking Up This Weekend

Hollywood Life posted a story about the possibility of Ian Somerhalder meeting up with Kate Gosselin at this weekend’s Kentucky Derby festivities. We’re going to have to agree with Gossip Cop on this one and file the far-fetched possibility as both random and lame.

GC awarded the post with this week’s “Stupidest” award, something only the silliest ideas can receive.  Hollywood Life mentioned that The Vampire Diaries star and the mom of eight would both be in Lousville this weekend for the race.  Admitting that it would be a stretch, Life didn’t want to rule out the possibility of romance: “It actually might happen this weekend because they’re both in Louisville, Ken., for the 2011 Kentucky Derby!”

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What? No! Not even a little.  Even if Somerhalder wasn’t dating co-star Nina Dobrev, why the whuck would he ever think to speak to/flirt wth/inquire about Gosselin?

Go nigh nigh, Hollywood Life.