Ian Somerhalder And His Sexy Smile Arrive In Washington DC To Help Save The Planet

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Isn’t that just what he’s always doing? Saving the planet?

In today’s Ian Somerhalder Is A Magical Human Who Deserves All The Awards He’s Been Given” headlines, The Vampire Diaries actor was spotted arriving in Washington DC today, just in time to give a speech to the House of Representatives.

Ian is all about giving those long and fancy speeches, this time on the U.S.’s plan to implement a ban on the commercial trade in elephant ivory and the consequences of that policy. 

I did not write that. I stole it from the caption on the Instagram photo of Ian eating his speech. Cause that’s just what he does. But he is clearly pumped for it. He shared this video on Instagram with the caption, “THIS IS HAPPENING! As in very soon.Washington DC, here we come. Lets go save some amazing creatures and make our world a better fricking place to live… Sound like a good idea? Thoughts…?”

Yes Ian, we are with you 110%! Especially if you keep smiling like that. Launch the gallery to get a better look at that smile, and make sure to send positive vibes Ian’s way.