Ian Somerhalder And Ana Beatriz Barros Heat Things Up During Azzaro Perfume Shoot

July 3rd, 2013 // 1 Comment
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Yowza! Who else is extremely jealous of Ana Beatriz Barros right now?

So I guess we know now why Ian Somerhalder is in Lake Cumo, Italy. The Vampire Diaries star is shooting an ad campaign for Azzaro perfume with model Ana Beatriz Barros.

Ian might as well enjoy his time in Italy because he’s due back on set to begin filming the latest season of The Vampire Diaries

Ian took to Instagram to celebrate another Teen Choice Awards nomination. Check out the photo he posted below, then launch the gallery to click through all the pics of Ian and Ana.

Damon and I have 3 because you all rock-maybe 4 in a little while if you want:) Not sure when voting ends but I think it’s soon -Hopefully see you soon you bad-ass teens. Love, Damon Salvatore& Ian Somerhalder by @iansomerhalder

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. susan

    I love ian Somerhalder and can’t wait for the commercial to come out, also His new Movie, and the new Season of the Vampire Diaries. He is so beautifull inside and out, and works so hard for His Foundation to make the world a better Place.

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