Ian McKellen Wanted To Marry Michael Fassbender At Comic-Con

Good God –Michael Fassbender’s ARMS. Is it just me or has he gained some muscle weight and his arms have gotten even better? Yeezus. Anyway, these are even more photos from this weekend’s X-Men-tastic appearance at Comic-Con. Bryan Singer managed to get all (?) of the cast of Days of Future Past at the same panel, much to the delight of Sir Ian McKellen, who wouldn’t stop flirting with Young Magneto, Michael Fassbender.

Ian told the crowd, “I just want to say it’s great to be back in California. I feel safe here now that you’ve gotten rid of Proposition 8. I’m looking for a husband… It’s great to meet you, Michael.” The Two Magnetos even posed for photos one-on-one too. Because OMG.

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