I Wouldn’t Sleep With George Michael Anytime Soon

June 28th, 2007 // 3 Comments

George Michael says that he refuses to get an HIV test because he’s scared of the results. I would be too if I were you. You’re doing guys in bushes and public bathrooms, ho! I know it’s your preogative, but it doesn’t hurt to be a little more discerning and temper your horniness with some caution. But no, you’ve got shrubs up your ass and you’re sleeping with married guys under landscaping. And this is when you’re not out stoned and nodding off in your car. While driving. Get it together, George! Choose life!

The singer, 44, makes the confession to Stephen Fry in a BBC2 documentary on HIV, entitled ‘Stephen Fry – HIV And Me.’

“George says he does not believe in tests,” Ross Wilson, the show’s producer tells The Sun.

“He says he finds the wait for results too harrowing and that he hasn’t had a test since at least 2004 due to his fears it might be positive.”

But you’re still gonna be dropping trou in public bathrooms and possibly messing with people’s health? God, who would have sex in a public bathroom? There is no way in hell I can get excited about being attended to in view of a urinal cake and mean graffiti about my mother.


By J. Harvey

  1. R

    It’s quite simple: He hates himself.

  2. green cardigan

    Oh Podge. I loved you in Wham! even though Andrew Ridgeley was cuter with his wonk eyes. What has become of you ? Do your HIV tests and ease up on the marajuana. And go on a diet. And shave at least twice a week.

    I read Boy George’s autobiography where he makes some comment about Podge driving around London in an open top sports car, listening to his own music full volume on the car stereo. Hilarious.

  3. Grim Reaper

    Um…doesn’t he have a boyfriend that he lives with?? How does the boyfriend feel about slepping with a man who sleeps with any man with a pulse?? I mean, HELLO??!!

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