I Would Have Stuck With Michael Vartan

January 9th, 2006 // 12 Comments

I’ve never been a real Ben Affleck fan, so if I was Jennifer Garner, I would have chosen the yummy Michael Vartan over Ben. We miss Michael on Alias. He had one of the best lines of the year when he guest-starred on former Alias star Bradley Cooper’s show Kitchen Confidential – “It’s like we worked together before or something.”

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. ali

    I think Michael Vartan is so much better looking than ben but after I heard about how little of a sense of humor he had, it kind of turned me off (the whole Punkd episode).

  2. I have had a YOOGE crush on him for a long time. So much more my ideal man than the puffy Ben Affleck. Blech!

  3. Krystyn

    no way. While this dude is handsome, Ben is the shyt.

  4. Girly Girl

    Hmmm- quite a dilemma… the hottie-with-no-sense-of-humor OR the bloated-perma-frat-boy-but-ALWAYS-a-good-time?

    I’m going with the latter, guys and girls. Vartan is h-o-t-t, I give you that. But give me a man with vices, and I know we have something in common (cocktails, gambling, more cocktails, he played Daredevil and I SAW Daredevil, uh- thats about it)…

    Vartan is too damn SERIOUS. After you f$%&ed him a few times, don’t you want to go have some vertical fun?!?!?!

  5. Have you been paying attention? Ben is no longer puffy – he’s over the terrible J-lo allergic reaction – while Vartan always looked underfed and worried

  6. Elaine

    Michael has a great sense of humor. Everyone who has worked with Michael talks about his witty humor and if you’ve ever seen the Alias bloopers or his interviews from MiL, his sense of humor shines through. And it was never confirmed that he was actually Punk’d. It was a rumor started by Kristin Veitch and actually turned out to be Jessie Metcalf that turned up on the Punk’d episode. Then another rumor started about him being punk’d on a plane that was falling apart and Michael denied it…and even if it did happen, it’s a well known fact that MV has a fear of flying and if I were him, I would sue Kutcher for pulling such a lousy stunt to begin with. I’d choose Michael Vartan any day of the week over the pompous-assed Affleck.

  7. Jenois

    Finally, someone finds me recent pics of Vartan. He’s the best. Je lui manque depuis tres longtemps!

  8. Mariana

    I met Michael V back in 97 and he is a cool guy. Just because he didn’t like being Punk’d (who would?) doesn’t mean he’s a downer.

    And he is way hot in person…

  9. doofus

    hey, jenois…are you a native french speaker?

    grammar question…I was taught that for the verb manquer, it’s used in the passive sense…as in “I miss you” would be “tu me manques” (you are missed by me) and not “je te manque”…

    whattya say?

  10. Ella

    Vartan is HOT! and from what I read he’s also funny. I would have stuck to him like glue.

    Marry Me Vartan :)

  11. Sarah

    Well whether Michael was pranked on Punk’d or not, who cares? You can never truly know what happens in celebrities lives. They say he got punk’d, but michael denies it, so what? If they did prank him, then that’s not cool since he’s afraid of plane. But lets not make a big deal out of it. Michael is living his life, and we’re living ours.

  12. no one

    OMG! everyone knows that michael vartan is a hottie, i hate ben affleck soo much hes fat and ugly and retarded. mv is soo much more handsome and talented, jen mad the worst mistake of her like leaving him…well she has a way of jumping to differnt costars everytime she works soo w/e..michal rocks!

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