I Wonder Why These Never Caught On

August 5th, 2005 // 18 Comments

It’s a shame, isnt’ it?

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Biff

    I’d wear something like that, but why would you want to see more of my hairy pot-belly?

  2. googleeyed

    Pffwwaahhhaaaaa.a.. i don’t care much for the jeans personally :P

  3. doofus

    well, I’m a LITTLE bit glad they didn’t. yeah, it would be great to see men like THAT wearing them. But most men don’t wear “belly shirts” so you wouldn’t see much, unlike when a woman wears them with low-riders.

    the other reason I’m glad they didn’t catch on is that there would be too many people wearing them who really shouldn’t. I mean, how many women do you see wearing this style who really shouldn’t be wearing it?

    unless you have the bod for them, they’re really quite unflattering.

  4. PaRis

    I am really curious … these jeans are extremely tight, so small… how men can fit their penis in those trousers?!!!

  5. timk

    Already mainstream: plumbers have been wearing jeans like these for decades.

  6. Liz

    After all the female crack ass’ and strech marked hips I’ve suffered looking at this summer, I deserve to see this eye candy walking the streets!

  7. bb

    umm gay men have been wearing these low riders for a while, i doubt you’d see any straight guy in them tho.

    unless they’re male models in a D&G fashion show

  8. Anon

    What are you talking about, I’m wearing mine now. abs, v-crease and all.

  9. I have two or three pairs of jeans like that. Of course, I always wear them with an appropriate length shirt, so that not that much skin is exposed.

    Though they look otherwise, they’re actually very comfortable.

  10. pklink

    That’s really low. Right above the penis. Not a lot of men would look good in that…I mean that’s constant fat, hairy and sweaty ass crack for most men.

  11. Damn it feels good to be a gansta!!

    wow, forget the pants I would soooo sleep with any of those boys!!

  12. Those models look sexy HOTT in those jeans!

  13. nicole

    Hell yeah it’s a bummer being a hot ass male model never caught on. It’s a good look for any guy if you ask me.

  14. bad bunny

    i’m not even looking at the jeans in these pics…just that sweet sweet spot just above the belt buckle…followed by a tasty torso!!! mmmmm, very yummy!

  15. gianni

    They’re not vry comfortable, trying to sit down with these pants (expirence). Stay wit linen men!

  16. eliane

    it looks yummy on THESE guys, whose bodies are purrrrrfect. real, everyday men would look totally ridiculous and most certainly be tagged as “faggots” if they tried the look. o did enjoy the pictures though. they can go lower if they wish. hail Dolce & Gabbana.

  17. adorei a campanha. aqui no brasil esta fazendo o maior sucesso

  18. Bigpoppa

    Actually they ARE catching on, but this is from an upcoming D&G collection probably hitting the stores around November or December for 2006.

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