I Want To Stay In Her Room

As we reported last week, when Jennifer Lopez isn’t too busy neglecting her mother – she’s making crazy-ass demands of hotel staff. This chick is SO spoiled. Her output doesn’t equal what she expects in luxuries. Seriously, she doesn’t even tour, does she? It’s not like she’s sweating it up on a stage every night. Anyway, reports are saying that her insane demands are staring to jibe with what a pregnant chick wants to mow down.

They report that just before arriving at the Dorchester Hotel, Lopez faxed over a request for just the sort of things a mom-to-be might need – including two humidifiers, two fans, a room set at 80 degrees, Jo Malone candles, white or red roses, soft-baked chocolate chip cookies, sour cream and onion chips, regular chips, veggie platters, plain M&M’s, sunflower seeds, Ritz crackers, Dentyne Ice gum, spicy brown mustard, mayonnaise, Smartwater, caffeine-free Coke and Red Bull. A rep for Lopez said she didn’t know if the singer is pregnant.

She has to be kept hot and moist with air blowing on her? Please see my last post for how I feel about this pregnancy thing. I’d like to salute all the Moms out there. Ri-Ri Harvey, Mrs. Timmons, and the rest. Because if I’m ever in a physical state where I need to be kept in a greenhouse and could possibly grow flora out of crevices, I’m punching my own ticket.