I Want To Stay In Her Room

September 24th, 2007 // 10 Comments

As we reported last week, when Jennifer Lopez isn’t too busy neglecting her mother – she’s making crazy-ass demands of hotel staff. This chick is SO spoiled. Her output doesn’t equal what she expects in luxuries. Seriously, she doesn’t even tour, does she? It’s not like she’s sweating it up on a stage every night. Anyway, reports are saying that her insane demands are staring to jibe with what a pregnant chick wants to mow down.

They report that just before arriving at the Dorchester Hotel, Lopez faxed over a request for just the sort of things a mom-to-be might need – including two humidifiers, two fans, a room set at 80 degrees, Jo Malone candles, white or red roses, soft-baked chocolate chip cookies, sour cream and onion chips, regular chips, veggie platters, plain M&M’s, sunflower seeds, Ritz crackers, Dentyne Ice gum, spicy brown mustard, mayonnaise, Smartwater, caffeine-free Coke and Red Bull. A rep for Lopez said she didn’t know if the singer is pregnant.

She has to be kept hot and moist with air blowing on her? Please see my last post for how I feel about this pregnancy thing. I’d like to salute all the Moms out there. Ri-Ri Harvey, Mrs. Timmons, and the rest. Because if I’m ever in a physical state where I need to be kept in a greenhouse and could possibly grow flora out of crevices, I’m punching my own ticket.


By J. Harvey

  1. Lisa

    None of those things sound like they are specifically for a pregnant lady! You can’t even drink Red Bull if you’re knocked up! This just sounds like your basic diva-esque demands to me…

  2. Interloper

    So she wants caffeine-free Coke, then…RED BULL? The King of Caffeine? Alright then. Maybe the Red Bull is just to keep Skeletor alive and full of energy so he can run out to pick up her gourmet pickles and ice cream.

    Seriously, how do people get such delusions of grandeur? Is there any reason your spoiled ass can’t arrange its army of assistants to procure this sh*t instead of the hotel? Spoiled as hell.

  3. she grew up poor and ugly. NOw she “has it all” and wants to live it up. She is a case for the books.

  4. green cardigan

    I hope all those chips and mayonaise treats are for Marc Anthony.L Lo needs to be careful with a backside like that. That man has the skinniest little legs. If J Lo is preggers, he’s going to have to eat more in order not to look like a skeleton beside her as she blossoms. (Greenhouse effect).

  5. chad

    lets put all this in perspective. i bet ninety percent of this stuff is for the entourage. im sure jlo and marc are eating out all the time while in england. remember when benny medina was her mgr they said he was the diva. tyra blamed him too for being divalicious.

  6. The snacks are for her staff

    She is not so much of a diva, but she is very mothering to her staff. She likes to order goodies for them to keep them happy. After all she keeps them away from their familes for months at a time.

  7. Elaine

    She has asked for some snacks, sodas, flowers and candles to be provided – not really that demanding. It is a very posh hotel, and probably offer a service to get people what they want. She will be paying for this service – if it was me I’d want smoked salmon, champagne and chocolate!

  8. anon

    all that crap is from her production rider- that’s old news. That is standard for her and her people. Most speakers/actors/actresses have one- from church preachers on out.

    anyway, she has the tale-tell signs of pregnancy:

    -Preganancy nose (spreading across her face)
    -Layers of clothes and huge bag in front of stomach (ala Nicole Richie and Halle Berry). Duh!
    - Legs/thighs are bigger (J.Lo keeps the body tight, so any ounce of flesh out of line would get noticed)

    She is definently preggers

  9. These do not sound like DIVA demands to me. come on u sound like (sour grapes).

    She is not asking for cristal or anything exessive it sounds kind of tame and nomal to me specially when u think its 2 ppl stayin in the room. I mean for the price of the suite ….it should damn well include 4 different kinds of roses

    and the humidifer sounds like maybe shes sick? coming down with a cold? didnt she like tape 4 or 5 interviews? sounds reasonable to me

  10. ariyana

    uh come on dudes!
    if u call thoese simple things DEMAND then i may think u are that much poor that u cant even offord 2 pay 4 some flowers,jiuce,sodas,snack!

    she jus wanna enjoy staying in that POSH hotel!

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