I Want The Shia LaBeouf And Frankie Muniz Showdown!

Apparently, once Shia LaBeouf is scorned, he holds a grudge. At some point, there must have been some bad blood between he and Malcolm In The Middle star Frankie Muniz, circa 2003.

At that time, he said, “I used to see him at premieres and stuff and it would always be like he was looking down on me. And then it turned into we’re equal, and then it turned into ‘Oh Frankie? I know that guy.'”

Well, yesterday, The LaBeouf was shit-stirring on a radio program that he appeared on to talk about Wall Street. The DJ noted that Shia has been in six No. 1 movies in a row, which Shia downplayed by saying, “You could have put Frankie Muniz into any the movies I’ve been in and those movies would have still been No. 1.”

Damn, girl! But it gets better! The D.J. followed up by asking, “Are you prepared for Frankie Muniz to come up to you at a party and say, ‘Bro, why am I one of your examples?’ LaBeouf answered, “I don’t go to many parties and I don’t really hang out in Frank Muniz-type zones.”

Muniz, who is literally a nobody now, tweeted, “Dear Shia Labeouf. It’s getting creepy the fact that you can’t stop talking about me. It’s been 12 years now. I don’t know you. Thanks.”

Please, please, please let them.