I Thought I Recognized ‘Inception’ Star Tom Hardy From That Star Trek Movie

While many are praising the performance of Leonardo DiCaprio in Inception, I have to say that the breakout star for me was Tom Hardyand by audience reaction, I’m pretty sure everyone enjoyed him if nothing else than is brash humor and wonderful wardrobe.

But his resume is pretty impressive. The 32-year-old Brit got his first break when he was in drama school and
was cast in Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg’s HBO miniseries, Band of
, then appeared in Black Hawk
and then was cast as the lead villain in Star Trek: Nemesis (which is where I ashamedly remember him from).

“It was all in, like, 16 months. I
thought, ‘This is it!’ and I wasn’t prepared at all for any of the
pressure. It manifested in panic and fear and lots and lots of drinking
to bolster my courage
,” he told MTV News late last year. “I broke down physically,
spiritually, mentally.”

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Eventually Hardy got sober and retreated to theater work in the U.K.,
doing occasional film work. Then he starred in Bronson, a biopic
about England’s most notorious prisoner that garnered him quite a lot of
critics buzz.

He was cast in Christopher Nolan’s film and then in October, word
surfaced that Hardy was circling the lead role in a Mad Max reboot. But
with this string of success, Hardy is approaching his resurrected career
with an entirely different attitude.

“If I feel anything is encroaching on my ability to stay stable and have
a purpose in my life, then I’ll bow out respectfully,” he said. “I came
very close to losing everything before, and it scarred me. I’m very
proud of the mark, but I don’t ever want to go there again.”