I Think Someone Needs Her Own Reality Show

Not that I think it’s a good practice to encourage the crazy, but sometimes they’re just so damned fun to watch, I can’t resist.

From Court TV News:

A woman accused of stalking Colin Farrell told a judge Monday that she’s no fan of the “Miami Vice” star and that, in fact, the actor is trying to defame her. “Your honor, he’s trying to give the impression that I’m some stalker, some delusional fan, which is absolutely not true,” argued 31-year-old Dessarae Bradford. “But you are somebody who comes up from the audience, which is not allowed, during the live taping of a TV show, to confront him,” Judge John Reid responded. The judge denied Bradford’s request to have Farrell’s restraining order against her lifted. “Thank you, your honor. But I am going to appeal this,” Bradford said as she gathered her belongings and left the courthouse. Farrell and self-published writer Bradford agree that the first time they met was when she walked onto the stage of “The Tonight Show” this summer while he was being interviewed by Jay Leno. They disagree on who is harassing whom. “I do not know Ms. Bradford, nor have I had any personal contact with her prior to July 20, 2006, when she accosted me during the taping of a television show,” Farrell stated in his July 21 “Request for Orders to Stop Harassment” filed with the court. “That’s totally a lie,” Bradford said after Monday’s hearing. Bradford claims Farrell reached out to her in September 2004 after hearing about her self-published book, titled “I F—ed Alec Baldwin in the A–.” She says he found her number through a “business ad.” “He basically just wanted to be book No. 2. He was chasing an adrenaline rush, possibly,” Bradford said.

I have absolutely no idea how this woman isn’t on “Flavor of Love.”

Written by Lisa Timmons

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