I Think PeTA Planned This One

October 6th, 2005 // 13 Comments

Never underestimate the power of a goose.

A Swedish hunter was knocked unconscious after his son shot a flying Canada goose which then fell onto his head, news agency TT reported Wednesday.

“I guess it wanted revenge,” hunter Ulf Ilback told local newspaper Extra Ostergotland, according to TT.

Ilback said he had to stay in bed for two days after being knocked out by the goose, which fell from around 60 feet. The birds can weigh up 13 pounds.

He should have taken a gander upwards.. [Reuters]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Too bad it didn’t knock him dead. Maybe he could have made it into the Darwin Awards.

  2. mischa

    I agree. Anyone who hunts should die.

  3. Wildlifer

    Whoa there mischa…as a wildlife biologist, I find your comment a little, uh, what’s the word I am looking for?? Oh yeah, IGNORANT.

    There is a such thing as animal overpopulation, ya know? Canada geese and White-tailed deer happen to be two such species that are experiencing these problems. What other way to propose we cut back population numbers? Would you prefer all the little Bambis starve to death because there is not enough food for them? Which is more painful, a quick gun shot or starving to death?

    Mull it over.

  4. animals are not ours for...

    Wildlifer: stfu, seriously STFU!!! you know there’s overpopulation in a lot of countries hell there’s starving humans all over the world how about we just go SHOOT THEM DEAD!!! :) because:

    Which is more painful a quick shot gun death – or starvin to death?!

    you pathetic twit. i hope an animal falls on your head and cracks it. sick fuck


    get that in your head “wildlife biologist” lol

  5. tofu byrd

    Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.
    ~Albert Einstein

  6. kylie

    gotta let nature takes its course, not control it wildlifer.

    about the goose, thats some fast acting karma right there.

  7. Soozygirl

    Ahhh…the splendor of Karma!

  8. hyatt

    hahahahahahaha he deserves it!!!! mischa, ur so right!! Wildlifer, ur stupid@!!!! get a life!!!

  9. YAY!!! We all hate Wildlifer!!!

  10. Kidney Stoner

    I love to eat meat and pussy and roll around on expensive furs while I guzzle Cognac. Vegetarians smell funny and they say the same about me.

  11. Wildlifer

    That is exactly the response I would expect from a bunch of ignorant PETA-fanatics…I posted this bulletin up during one of my classes and we all had a good laugh at you guys’…

    and ‘animals are not for…” how about you actually try and write out your words instead of using shorthand text message bullshit…or is that all your ignorant ass knows??


  12. auluana

    FYI! The following is NOT an attack on anyone but simply a characters view point…I hope you will take something from this, but upfront I am a animal lover and fight for animal rights. Do I eat meat? Yes, but I have to be careful of what, and when my family DID hunt we used EVERYTHING, was never for stuffing, which I AM against.

    LOL! AHHH the ignoence of PETA! Those who eat animals are murders huh? Well I DO have an FYI for you all…when you go to eat those fruits and veggies you enjoy so much YOU are killing living creatures! :) You RIP them out of the ground, peel off their skin, and bite into their flesh! IF you were REALLY so enviormentally friendly, you’d just lay down and die. Not to mention every time you drink or breath, you’re killing hundreds upon THOUSANDS of living bacteria…so before you go off the handle cursing others out, take a GOOD look at yourselves..for you too are perhapes still savage in the eyes of other beings. Their have also been news reports stating and proving that for every ten dollar donation PETA recievs only 10% actually go to animals, so that would be 10 cents. Wow, what a help. They also approved they recent murder attempts on young CHILDREN who were fishing! They happily admitted much of their money went to pay for that persons atterney. If PETA is for animal rights then as mammals, shouldn’t children NATURALY be protected rather than a target. They’ve also been finding that of the animals they’ve been saving,over 78% have been winding up dead! 78% folks! And they’re calling humane shelters inhumane! A PETA representative resentley was on 98.3 FM radio “standing up” for her group, and when asked what they did with the animals’ remains, she calmly responded, “they’re put in bags and thrown in a dumpster behind a local store, why?”…..!!! Then this person went on to say that the head of PETA had said that if he was put in the position of chosing between the life of his child or an ant, he could never decide….GOD HELP THAT CHILD! I mean really! If he ever slipped and fell on a bug, his father just condemded him to death! Read your Bible folks,if fish was good enough for the Son of God and for the first Humans, etc. duh! Yes, we are here to protect the animals and care for them as in NOT to hunt them to extinction and not to beat or abuse them, but and if you’re not Christian or any religion atleast think of the above. No matter what, you are taking life, but the universe provided this life here for a reason, and if you are one who believes what goes around comes around then ya remember, dinosaurs ate us once and now it’s OUR turn! Either way eat healthy, be healthy, live happy! Thank you:)

  13. auluana

    I have a correction to the above :) It still is for every $10.00 donated 10 cents goes to animals, but that would only be 1%! lol wrote the above late so my divisional skills were off but like I said I listened to the Peta representative and posted what she had to say…they REALLY might want to consider revamping their style and spokespeeps! :/

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