I Love You Coco Henson Scales

July 10th, 2004 // 2 Comments

Coco spent a year as a hostess at Hue, and has lived to write about it. The Monica Lewinsky/Chelsea Clinton story is priceless.

This is the attitude I love:

Celebrities and models are my least favorite customers. They never want to pay and they demand constant attention. The models wear jeans or a jean skirt with heels and a white T-shirt. Drunken skeletons, they stand outside smoking and talking in foreign accents. They don’t tip, but if they aren’t here, the men who do won’t stay, so we cater to models. I don’t bother learning their names. I call them all darling.

Please read the entire article.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. michael

    Fantastic expose. Not sure which moment was most priceless. Probably Star Jones and fiance cavorting on the bed one minute, then stiffing the waitstaff and getting zinged by the waiter. Do you think Barbara Bush was X-ing?

  2. Harlem Knight

    Absolutlely classic piece. We love U Coco, darling!

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