I Love Nicole Richie, Especially When She’s A Gun-Wielding Bitch

The on-again, off-again actress Nicole Richie is making a return appearance on NBC’s Chuck.

Richie kicked some serious ass the last time she appeared on the show two years ago and she will be reprising her role as Sarah’s high school nemesis this October.

The setup goes that when a prison transfer goes awry and Richie’s character ends up being stowed away at Castle (a.k.a. the underground CIA base). But apparently her arrival comes on the heels of some bumps in Chuck and Sarah’s deepening relationship.

Seems only right that Richie’s character will use that to her advantage.

Does anyone else remember talk a few months ago about Richie having her own show? Was that just a rumor? I would love her to have her own show that was kind of like 30 Rock, in that it was based around her life but a parody of it. Or hell give her a reality show. I mean if Mario Lopez can get one