I Love New York! (And Her Crazy-Ass Hellfire Eyes Momma!)

January 5th, 2007 // 4 Comments

This is so hot, it’s beyond hot. It’s the hottest. Feel the heat. New York skanked herself a show and it looks as trashy and ridiculous as Flav’s. But with men!

I’ll visit New York. I’m sure a lot of you will. I’m sure a lot of people have. But I ain’t one to gossip.

By J. Harvey

  1. mla

    J.Harvey, please tell me you will be recapping this H.A.M.! Pretty Please?!

  2. garful

    Oh man the “stylist” is sooooooooo gonna make this show LMAO

  3. chiquita

    Great – the latest version of Paris has just arrived – another no talent with an undeserved diva attitude and the brain of a seagull. I can’t believe networks actually pay people like this and people will actually watch this crap. I saw this “Flavor or Luv” show once and she was on it – she can hardly even form a complete sentence or make a coherent point about anything. Will they have a translator or subtitles?

  4. Stace Stacey

    I think New York is fake. She is not looking for love. she sent home romance. He was the only genuine guy there for her. They were a match made by cupid.

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