I Know What Boys Like

AskMen.com compiled a list of the top 49 “Men’s Men” and actor/director, George Clooney landed the top spot. From Yahoo! News:

The Oscar winner tops the Web site’s list of what it calls the 49 best representatives of the male gender. Rap mogul Jay-Z, adventurer-entrepreneur Richard Branson, cyclist Lance Armstrong and designer Tom Ford make up the rest of the top five, in order. The list was culled from nominations submitted by readers of the online magazine, who were asked to name the top “ambassadors of male-kind.” Voters were asked to look for traits such as integrity, charisma and intelligence.

This is why I love my job–not only do I get to write about such silly things like gossip and celebrities–but I also get to cover scientific subjects as well. It’s a good balance.

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Written by Lisa Timmons