I Know Coping With Kylie’s Cancer Was Stressful, But Isn’t She Into The Ladies?

Well, at least he waited til’ her hair grew back FROM THE CHEMO. According to the Courier Mail Olivier Martinez, B-actor and French guy boyfriend of Kylie Minogue, was spotted in Hollywood last week getting his pee-pee wet whilst Kylie was on tour. Not only did he rendevous with Israeli model Sarai Givati at the Chateau Marmont, he also had dinner with Michelle Rodriguez. Who I thought was the dyke currently tongue-lashing the female Terminator. Who knows, sexuality is fluid and monogamy is hard to come by.

Then on Friday, Martinez shared a cosy dinner at the exclusive hotel with Lost bombshell Michelle Rodriguez – the woman he was spotted kissing in a LA street and on Puff Daddy’s luxury yacht two years ago.

The 28-year-old actress spent the night at the hotel and emerged the following morning wearing the same outfit.

“Same outfit” is my favorite detail. I support Michelle’s right to get done by any sex she feels is right at the moment. But I wouldn’t recommend Olivier let her give him a ride anywhere. Bitch drunk drives like a champ! Kylie’s gonna kick his ass, though. No one needs to beat cancer and THEN have their boyfriend stray. I hope she hits him with her IV pole.